[Super Nintendo] Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Full nameZombies Ate My Neighbors
File size578.8KB
Genre Action
Region USA USA
Console Super Nintendo (Download Emulator)

This game is just cool. Not exactly Resident Evil, but a childish, funny version, which includes evil dolls and gigantic babies that hold the ultimate weapon


The fun level of this game is just above eating the best pizza ever and just below winning the lottery. You can get a bazooka and level people’s walls to take silverware from their cupboard so you can go outside and beat on a werewolf. The game is very challenging, but sometimes just downright hard. Especially if you’re playing with two people and have one life click left and no first aid kit. Then you find a first aid kit, but your moron friend thinks it’s funny to steal it when he has a full life. You die and then kill your buddy (in real life). Also, some levels only have one or two neighbors to rescue, and monsters can easily kill them. Also, the controls are great, but the item scrolling is tedious. I mean, what good is it to throw tomatoes and killer dolls? You at least need a can grenade. But look, you just passed it! Better keep scrolling. One more slight problem is that it takes a while to beat the game, and the passwords don’t remember your score.


This game is very challenging, but they never overdo it too much. Some levels are tough (one with tons of weeds), while some can easily be accomplished. I used to play this with my old friend a lot to get through it all somehow.

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