Tekken Roms

Title Console Downloads
USA Tekken Advance 48
USA Tekken – Dark Resurrection 43
USA Tekken 4 59


Tekken is one of the Japanese original fighting game series developed and published by one of the world’s most famous Bandai Namco Entertainment companies. This series of games is adapted from the previous Japanese manga and manga franchise.

According to the Iron Fist Tournament series, the games in this series are arranged by an organization called Mishima Zaibatsu. You will have control of many characters here and fight for control of the company, and the center of the story is the Mishima family’s riot. The player must also explore the characters’ fighting motives in each game of the series to control a final target, Zaibatsu.

The gameplay of most of the games in this series is role-playing and fighting with each opponent. Tekken is also noted as the first fighting game series to apply 3D animation to making graphics.

By 2017, the series had eight more spin-off games after the previous major series of Tekken games. The series is also said to be a landmark when the producer listened to the feedback and gaming community and made timely changes, enhancing the immersive experience. The titles are also minimalistic and more relevant to the context of the game.

The game has been exceptionally well appreciated globally and successfully published in major game markets worldwide, such as Europe and North America. The publisher has shipped more than 50 million copies across the entire series, and the series has become the world’s third best-selling brand in fighting games.