The Sims Roms

Title Console Downloads
Japan The Sims 79
USA The Sims 2 65


When we talk about life simulation video games, The Sims is a monument that nothing can surpass. The series was developed by Maxis and first released by Electronic Arts in February 2000 on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Xbox, PS2, and Nintendo DS. To date, more than 20 video games have been released in this series. The games have sold over 200 million copies globally. The Sims

The gameplay of The Sims has received many changes and upgrades in each serial version. However, the core of the gameplay is unchanged. The game takes players into a virtual world and turns them into “Sims”, a citizen of this world. Starting the game, the game allows you to create your Sim. There are tons of options for you to create a completely unique Sim, like choosing the gender, changing the outfit, skin color, editing the face, and so on. Then you can start enjoying the exciting game activities.

A special feature in The Sims games is that they often do not give any specific goal for the player. Instead, you will do what you want to be in this world. You can bring The Sims into the houses, interact with everything, and control the emotions of the characters. You can also participate in everyday activities like a real-world person like cooking, shopping, making friends, and going to work. The Sims Games has always been successful in building a virtual world but extremely similar to reality. That makes it the best life simulation game series of all time

Here you can find all ever released versions of The Sim Series. We give you all of their ROM files. So you can enjoy everything easily. Note that some games cannot be played directly on your PC, but you need to play them through an emulator.